Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Nature = Amazing

If there something that bonds all of us fly fishermen/women, besides fly fishing, I'd say it would be an appreciation for the outdoors, and wildlife...nature.

Nature - It truly never ceases to amaze me. I am always stumbling across new and interesting information when I'm not outdoors, and then when I am, I always see something new and interesting. My eyes and ears are constantly wandering when I'm out on a river or lake. I'm not searching for anything in particular, more so, for the appreciation of where I am and what's around me at that given moment. You never know what you're going to see or hear.

Check out this video I found in my news feed on FaceBook. It's about how the reintroduced wolves are changing Yellowstone National Park. Who would have thought a pack of wolves would have such an affect on so many different things. (I'm sure Wildlife Biologist expected results like this, hence, why they reintroduced them to Yellowstone.)

Thanks, for reading my babble!


  1. Hi Justin. That was an interesting video but I have to wonder about someone who doesn't know the difference between a "deer" and an elk. Also, it might be interesting to see some data on the rivers changing - the narrator says that they "began to meander less." The way a river changes is incredibly slow - and I doubt even a 50 year change with more vegetation growing, etc. would be enough to change the course of a river of any size? That said, I'm no scientist. Maybe there's a study out there somewhere about how long it takes a river to go from meandering to straight because of the growth of vegetation? I think I'll google that and see. Thanks for sharing the video.

    1. Hahaha!!!! Totally, gave the video another view, and I laughed. I missed that one with the Deer/Elk. I would love to see some data, too. (Would I understand it, probably not, but it would definitely be interesting.) I'll be on Google, as well. Stuff like this gets me more interested in knowing more, and more. Thanks, for stopping by!

    2. Large storm events can dramatically change a river in a very short time. The root systems of the native shoreline vegetation help strengthen the banks to help withstand high water situations. Although this won't eliminate sloughing and "meandering", it certainly greatly reduces it.

  2. Wolves are just cool creatures in general. Thanks for sharing the vid. Very neat.

  3. Sweet video and really cool blog man. I enjoyed looking through it and glad I stumbled across it. Will be sure to throw it up on my blog roll. Tight lines sir!

  4. Opps just realized I had been here before as I saw a post that jogged my memory. Either way I will be sure to visit more often now that its on the roll, take care.